New Book Trailers!

I just wanted to highlight my new video trailers one more time. 

The Fever:

A Curse That Bites Deep:

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Treasure or Trouble?  

Time to walk a Texas mile in Sam’s dusty boots … 

THE FEVER explores Sam’s obession with a seemingly unattainable dream.  Just how far would you go to feed your fever?  

A CURSE THAT BITES DEEP continues the story of Sam but this time there is a killer in the mix, and maybe a ghost or two. 

Remember … “if one searches really hard for something, often they’ll find it.  But the “it” they find may not be the something they were after.”

So, what’ll it be-Treasure or Trouble?  Or maybe a heaping helping of both!  
The books are available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and in Paperback.

Sometimes Life Imitates Art

As I was reading this story:

I was amazed at the parallels between between this real-life drama and some of the situations I wrote about in my novel The Fever.  The novel was published long before the tragedy of this man’s disappearance but his apparent fixation with his treasure parallels the trail of obsession for the Lost Sublett Mine my main character Sam follows in the book.  As I explained while detailing Sam’s fictional quest, such an endeavor is extremely dangerous.   In Sam’s case, no one knew exactly where he was headed.  He almost died within the novel’s pages and I made it very plain, it would have been quite a while before anybody found him.  If ever.

My heart goes out to this family.  Even though I concocted and imagined a similar scenario, I can not help but feel sorry for their plight … I know how helpless they feel.  Here’s hoping that he turns up soon, hopefully alive and well.

If we were having coffee …

img_5454If we were having coffee, I’d be complaining about how hard it is to sell a debut novel.  I’d tell you how all my author friends say the first book is the hardest but to keep at it.  They always assure me that by the time I publish the third or fourth book I will be on my way.  But then again, they’re not really friends, are they?  They are the competition.    

Still … I’d tell you that I see their point.  I’d finish my coffee and carefully place the empty mug on the table, then stand up and announce, “That’s it, then .. my next novel will officially be my FOURTH novel!”


Thomas Fenske is the author of The Fever


Fickle Finger of Fame

I’ve always secretly wished someone would name a sandwich after me.
That has long been my theoretical high-water mark of fame. I’ve just about given up on that one, but I’ve always subscribed to the notion that if the wind is just right, sometimes a wisp of fame might blow across one’s brow.
I feel a bit like that today because something exciting has happened: The popular YouTube cooking show, Hilah Cooking just released a new video featuring a dish inspired by my novel, The Fever. IMG_4221

I am very humbled by her effort. In the novel, the dish Huevos Rancheros Especial, was a specialty of a café that is not only mentioned, becomes a major locale in the book (as well as the upcoming sequel).
Okay, I confess, I’ve known Hilah for a quite a while and, since she is a friend, she read my novel.  I am gratified that she said she really liked it. We kind of joked about her doing a video early on, but then I realized something … she was serious: she really wanted to recreate the dish.

Ah, but first I had actually make the dish I had described. Think “Proof of Concept” here.  image
I did, and I have to admit that it was delicious and although I had completely made it up for the book, it tasted exactly like I had imagined it would.


imageLike any great cook, Hilah took what I did and tweaked it to fit her style. And of course, she knew what to do to make it look great on screen too. She did an awesome job!  Did I say I was humbled? I am downright gobsmacked!

So I urge you to go watch the video, and while you’re there check out some of Hilah’s other awesome videos. You will be there a while because there are a LOT.
Picture me blushing right now – I may not be famous but I am surely honored.

Hilah on YouTube

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