A Domain!

imageMy cat Cookie is relieved!

I finally decided to go with my own domain.

Sadly, thomasfenske-dot-com was already in use.
No, seriously, it was.  Kudos to you,  thomas fenske, wherever you are.

Then I thought about my long-time handle, thefensk … it is a user name, it is an email handle, it is even my twitter handle … why not  use it as a unique and catchy domain name?

So, thefensk.com was born.  I think Cookie approves.

In case you were wondering, my name is pronounced Fence-key … but going way back some people seemed to call me Fensk … not that I liked it, but I tolerated it.
in the early days of the internet (I’ve been on it since long before Al Gore ever heard of it) I could easily use fenske as a username.  But there are more of us than you might think and it wasn’t long before variations were needed.  It is not a common name but it is not rare either.  Once, on some site, “thefensk” was one of the suggested usernames and I sort of liked the idea of it.  The suggestion came about, I’m sure, due to my first name and middle initial .. THomas E FENSKe … thefensk.  I liked it.

So there it is … same website (for now) but I will be updating it very soon.

thefensk.comwww.thefensk.com … use whatever you want.