New Book Trailers!

I just wanted to highlight my new video trailers one more time. 

The Fever:

A Curse That Bites Deep:

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Treasure or Trouble?  

Time to walk a Texas mile in Sam’s dusty boots … 

THE FEVER explores Sam’s obession with a seemingly unattainable dream.  Just how far would you go to feed your fever?  

A CURSE THAT BITES DEEP continues the story of Sam but this time there is a killer in the mix, and maybe a ghost or two. 

Remember … “if one searches really hard for something, often they’ll find it.  But the “it” they find may not be the something they were after.”

So, what’ll it be-Treasure or Trouble?  Or maybe a heaping helping of both!  
The books are available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and in Paperback.

The Story So Far …

img_5454I am often asked: what is The Fever about?
It’s about Sam. All you really need to know about Sam is that his life revolves around a cryptic riddle and the mystery of a lost gold mine.
Here’s a tidbit one of my readers recently shared.  Women love Sam.  Readers, I mean.  Men enjoy the story but women seem to get involved with it.
I have to admit, never expected that when I cobbled this idea together into a novel.
Back to the story:  As Sam struggles to solve the riddle, he knows deep in his heart that the clues will eventually lead him to his treasure, but his obsession has always resulted in frustrating dead ends and the danger increases every time he heads out into the unknown.
Still, he continues to trespasses over difficult terrain in all weather conditions, always seeking an elusive truth he knows is out there … somewhere.
His fruitless obsession has alienated family and friends and he even lost the woman he loved.   For what?  Something that is always just out of reach, somewhere beyond the next ridge or up the next gully.
As he manages to piece together the clues, his simmering gold fever begins to burns hot, unleashing a passion that drives him to make yet another hazardous trip into the rugged and remote West Texas wilderness.
The Fever drives him on … but how far will his lust for gold take him?
Go for the gold:

Missing Texas …

imageI saw this photo today on Facebook. Okay, I blatantly borrowed it from a page called Texas Pride.  There, I cited it.  Great page, I am happy I found it.  This is a springtime picture from near Ennis, TX.

It just reminds me how much I miss Texas.  I have a saying: Life Intervenes.  That is pretty much the story so far … my life has intervened to the point where I sit across the country and look at pictures of springtime bluebonnets and, well … you have to sometimes say, aw, shucks.

Don’t get me wrong, where I live is okay.  It’ll do.  Locals would likely feel the same way I do now if they uprooted themselves and put themselves someplace else, even Texas.  I’ve lived in a number of different places and, really, I’ve found that life is about 90% similar just about everywhere.

When you get someplace new, you have to figure out where to get good hamburgers and which stores have the best deals.   It might rain too much or not rain enough.  Then you have to figure out the seasons …  winter …  Is there one?  Or is it too much?  Same with summer.

But no matter where I live … Texas is home.  It always will be for me.  That’s probably why I write about Texas …  I mean, in my novels.   The story in The Fever stretches from Austin and Houston to West Texas  and back again, and I tried to weave the plot around a real piece of Texas lore that added some mystery and suspense.  People seem to like it.  Most of the reviews reflect on the general “Texas” feeling I tried to impart so I guess it was successful in that regard.  Give it a try … experience some Texas Fever, like I’m feeling today …