A Win is a Win!

Yes! I entered the cover of my last book, PENUMBRA, in Author Shout’s weekly Cover Wars competition and managed to win over several other very nice covers.

To celebrate this win, I’ve put the kindle edition of PENUMBRA on sale for the next week. It’s a great chance to pick up a good read for 99 cents (99p in the UK). Get it here:


It’s the fourth book in the Traces of Treasure series but is a good tale all by itself.


Thomas Fenske is an author living in North Carolina USA. http://thefensk.com

Great News!

Judgement day

My latest novel, A Curse That Bites Deep, will be published October 1!

My publisher, in association with most of the major eBook retailers, have decided to offer the a 25% discount on eBook pre-orders until the official release day. On the first of October it goes back to normal price.

That’s a crisp one dollar bill off, folks!  It will reserve your copy and it will be available on release day.

This is a sequel to my debut novel, The Fever, and continues the story.  Ah, but things take an evil turn in this one.   People are dying, suspicions run high, and poor Sam seems to be in the thick of things.

More information and quick buy links can be found on my web page:http://www.thefensk.com

If you have already caught THE FEVER … you won’t want to miss this continuation.
If you haven’t caught THE FEVER … yet … well, there is still time!


WeekendCoffeeShare…How are YOU?

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.comIf we were having coffee today, since I don’t have much to talk about I think I’d just listen.
Well, I do, but these little sessions all seem to be just about me so for once I would just shut the heck up and let you take the lead.
I’d want to hear about your woes and your joys and your concerns and your observations. I’d laugh at your jokes, and express sympathy for your sorrows.
No matter what craziness you seemed to have going on in your life, I’d nod and commiserate.  I’d do my best to bite my tongue and not tell you how much worse my situation(s) have been.
We would hug or shake hands and part and you might feel just a bit better about getting it all off your chest for a change.
I’d still be carrying my burdens, but they’ll keep for another week, don’t you think?
Thomas Fenske is a writer living in North Carolina.
His latest novel, A Curse That Bites Deep, will be published  October 1 … and the eBooks are currently available for a 25% pre-release disccount … Links and other information are available at  www.thefensk.com

A Continuation …

The pre-release of my novel A Curse That Bites Deep is in full swing.  Well, except for Amazon. All of the other major ebook retailers have their pre-buy links up and you can reserve your copy for a 25% discount.  Links are available on the “buy” button on my web page:  http://thefensk.com

Hopefully Amazon will get with the competition and activate it soon.  Then I’ll be able to market the book in earnest. 

The book is a sequel to The Fever and everybody is back. Well for a while, anyway. There is evil afoot and Sam seems to be at the center of it all. There are a few surprises and a few murders and a good mystery to be solved.  

I’m looking for reviewers so if you review books and might be interested drop me a line … 

There’s an email link on my web page as well as more information about both books and me. http://thefensk.com 

Coming Soon!

Just got the cover for the new book, A Curse That Bites Deep. This is a sequel to The Fever and continues the story.  Yes, there’s the whole plot line about the  gold mine but it is a great murder mystery too.   The book will be available in October, with eBook preorders starting in September.

I suggest you subscribe to my mailing list so you won’t miss the publication news. I’m running a giveaway, for  a  paperback  copy of THE FEVER to one lucky new subscriber who joins my list between now and August 15.  Sorry, US mailing addresses only.
Go to http://thefensk.com and click on the subscribe button, then click the link in the verification email.

Have You Caught THE FEVER?

img_5454-1I’m hosting a giveaway through Amazon for a copy of The Fever. Three copies are still up for grabs.
Trust me, it’s not just another “lost gold mine” story … find out for yourself.

This giveaway is to celebrate the Hilah Cooking video detailing a dish described in the novel, Huevos Rancheros Especial.  imageClick below, and watch the video (it’s a short video) and maybe you’ll win a Kindle version of The Fever!

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Don’t have a Kindle?  The free Amazon Kindle reading app can run on your tablet, your phone, your computer … there is no excuse not to enter!


From a few of the reviews on Amazon:

“What an enjoyable read! Nothing better than diving into an adventure story and being swept along as if you are actually there.”
“This is a good read, fast paced, good action descriptions. Hard to put down!”
“…one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.”
“Fun story, great characters! Looking forward to the sequel”
“How far would you go to feed your Fever?”
“Fun read! Easy to place yourself in the old VW clunker with their minimalist heating and defrosting.”


Missing Texas …

imageI saw this photo today on Facebook. Okay, I blatantly borrowed it from a page called Texas Pride.  There, I cited it.  Great page, I am happy I found it.  This is a springtime picture from near Ennis, TX.

It just reminds me how much I miss Texas.  I have a saying: Life Intervenes.  That is pretty much the story so far … my life has intervened to the point where I sit across the country and look at pictures of springtime bluebonnets and, well … you have to sometimes say, aw, shucks.

Don’t get me wrong, where I live is okay.  It’ll do.  Locals would likely feel the same way I do now if they uprooted themselves and put themselves someplace else, even Texas.  I’ve lived in a number of different places and, really, I’ve found that life is about 90% similar just about everywhere.

When you get someplace new, you have to figure out where to get good hamburgers and which stores have the best deals.   It might rain too much or not rain enough.  Then you have to figure out the seasons …  winter …  Is there one?  Or is it too much?  Same with summer.

But no matter where I live … Texas is home.  It always will be for me.  That’s probably why I write about Texas …  I mean, in my novels.   The story in The Fever stretches from Austin and Houston to West Texas  and back again, and I tried to weave the plot around a real piece of Texas lore that added some mystery and suspense.  People seem to like it.  Most of the reviews reflect on the general “Texas” feeling I tried to impart so I guess it was successful in that regard.  Give it a try … experience some Texas Fever, like I’m feeling today …


In a Nutshell

This excerpt sets the stage:  

  “Now listen…this is the real deal. Way out in west Texas…out between Van Horn and the Carlsbad Caverns…there’s some mountains. There’s…,” Slim hesitated, coughed, then looked around and pulled Sam’s ear close to his mouth as he rasped, “ … gold.”

Time seemed to stand still as the word emerged out of an invisible cloud of stale, wine-laden bad breath.

Slim held Sam’s arm a little tighter, as he continued in a wheezing whisper.
“There’s a gold mine out there. I ain’t never seen it, but my grandpa knew about it…he looked for it for years. My daddy looked for it too. Hell, I looked for it…for years. We all knew it was there. None of us ever found it but, I tell you, it’s out there somewhere. My kid, she’s got no use for me, so I ain’t never told her the details, but you’ve been good to me when nobody else woulda helped an old broken down drunk, so I’m telling you.”

The old man, spent from the exertion, relaxed his grip on the younger man’s arm and Sam cradled Slim’s head and leaned down close to whisper, “It’s all right, man. Just take it easy.”

Slim coughed and any remaining color seemed to be fading from his lips and face. “I don’t have no time, so listen.” His voice was barely a whisper. “My grandpa knew a guy named Ben Sublett. Look him up, he’s a regular legend. They was drinkin’ buddies. One time they was drinkin’, just the two of them, and old Ben told my grandpa all about the mine. Ben always told people it was in the Guadalupes but that’s just what he told people to throw them off…it wasn’t there. Nope. He told my grandpa it was south of there. Remember that. South! He told grandpa ‘ya gotta follow the devil and look for the table, then turn around and you’ll see the why of it.’ That’s what he told grandpa. Remember it. I know it don’t make no sense, but it ain’t supposed to until you get there. You just have to keep searching until it does make sense. A fortune, that’s what I’m giving you, a fortune.” Slim coughed for half a minute, exhausted from his exertion. Then he looked Sam right in the eyes and said, “Don’t forget what I told you. You find it and it’s yours.”

Find the gold!