Book Release / Giveaway!

Judgement day

At long last, my second novel, A Curse That Bites Deep has been published.  To help celebrate the release, I’m giving away several kindle copies through Amazon.

Ah, as with most things associated with a curse, there’s a catch.  Follow me on Twitter.  Not a big deal, the giveaway will guide you.

Here’s the link:


If you happen to win, please favor me with a review.  If you don’t happen to win, hey, you can still be bitten by the curse, and $3.99 is not really that much … it’s likely cheaper than a latte.

More information at


Can’t Even Give It Away …

img_6284If we were having coffee today I’d admit I was a little depressed this week, because I’ve had a free promotion running all month and although it’s done okay, this promotion hasn’t been nearly as successful as I’d hoped.

“Free?  How can you make any money doing that?”

The truth is, I don’t, but I hoped to get a lot more people interested in my first novel so they’d be ready for the publication of its sequel this fall.

“And you say you can’t even give it away?”

Well, a debut novel is often a hard sell.  Nobody knows who I am, and it is sort of a mixed genre.  People get stuck in romance, mystery, suspense and … well, it has elements of all those things but mostly it is just a good story about a man who’s obsession is his own worst enemy.  Everybody who reads it loves it.  There are twenty-two good reviews on Amazon.  I thought for sure I’d get a lot of downloads when it was free.

“So, what’s the problem?”

I think it is because it is only free on one site … Smashwords.

“What the heck is Smashwords?”

They are a premier self-publishing platform used by hundreds of thousands of independent authors.  A vast percentage of ebooks come from Smashwords these days.

“I thought you had a publisher.”

Oh, I do.  But they also partner with small publishers like mine.  Smashwords converts ebooks into ALL available formats and distributes as well, to the likes of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks.

“Wow.  So why is the free offer just available at Smashwords?”

They sell direct too; they have a safe online store of their own.  Registration is free and they don’t spam or sell info.  They are very sensitive to that problem.  They are a good deal for authors, too,  because the royalties are higher.  You’ve heard of cutting out the middle man to increase profits?  Well, in this case, they are the middle man.
They have a promotional period every now and then to spread the word about their own retail offers, and I decided to participate this time.  I think people are a little timid to participate because they’ve never heard of it.
It’s too bad, too, because there are thousands of free ebooks available at Smashwords this month, not just mine.  I just hoped people would take advantage of this great offer to give my book a chance. All they need to do is just register and use the code SFREE and download the book … for nothing!

“How do I do they download it?”

It depends on what the user has.  In their FAQ they have instructions for all the major ereader platforms.

“What about the paperback?”

Well, the paperback isn’t free, but it’s available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Createspace.

“Well, this freebie sounds like a good deal.”

Free is always good … but the promotion only lasts until the end of the month.  Time is running out.


Thomas Fenske is a writer living in North Carolina.  And it’s true, his debut novel, THE FEVER, is indeed free for the rest of the month at Smashwords.  Links and more info about the book:


From My Latest Review

Call it lucky number twenty-one. Here’s a tidbit from the latest Amazon review:  

The ebook is free right now but THE FEVER won’t be free forever, so take advantage of this special offer.

Enter coupon code “SFREE”
Warning:  the sequel is coming soon, if you catch The Fever now you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RESIST “A Curse That Bites Deep”

Isn’t It Time You WON Something?

This is just a friendly reminder that there are still TWO COPIES (Kindle version) of my novel, THE FEVER up  for grabs on an Amazon Giveaway.  No purchase necessary, just go and enter for a chance to win.

What’s The Fever?  I’m glad you asked.

What if someone told you how to find a lost gold mine?
What would YOU do?
THE FEVER is about Sam Milton, and that’s exactly what happened to him. Now he is obsessed with finding it and it hasn’t been easy. Time, money, skepticism … he deals with all these things and, in the process, he’s lost friends, lost love, and begins to question his own sanity. Still he goes out … again and again, trespassing, risking his life, and his freedom … for what? He doesn’t know anything except the raw urging that tugs at his soul, driving him to continue.
How far would you go to feed your FEVER?

Click below to enter the giveaway … it takes just a second … and you don’t need a kindle to enter.

Amazon has a kindle app for just about any device.  Open up your world!