Adios to a Friend

I said goodbye to Gypsy this morning. She was fourteen and was always a loyal and loving companion. She was an awesome cat.

We rescued her along with four siblings from one of our out buildings in 2008. We gave away three and kept Gypsy and her litter brother, Dobie.

She was a feisty kitten. We’d feed all five all at once and she was always first to the feast where she’d lay claim to “her” pile of food, straddling it and hissing and spitting; it was hilarious.

She’s been an exemplary cat , very opinionated and headstrong. Example, when she was still a kitten I found her sleeping among the branches of the Christmas tree.

She loved her naps and spent a lot of time snuggling with me.

Most of all I’m going to miss her kisses. That’s right. Miss Gypsy (as I often called her) absolutely loved to give me kisses, right on the lips.

Adios, my sweet girl, I’m already missing you.

Thomas Fenske is an author living in North Carolina.