New Release!

If we were trying to have coffee today I’d no doubt be all excited! It’s release day for my latest novel. PENUMBRA.

Some people make a big deal about release day. For me it is a bit anticlimactic…okay, it’s official. Distribution is a little wonky today too. This month my publisher is expanding the print copies into a new supplier. We have been exclusively Amazon for a while. Now Amazon will provide print copies sold on its platform and the new supplier will be able to more easily provide copies to bookstores and libraries.

Of course with anything new, the publisher had no real guidance into how long the new books would be in limbo. When they are available, they’ll be available. To make matters worse, the print copies on Amazon are delayed as well.

It’s a good thing I didn’t plan anything big for release day. Today’s big “release” activity? I cut the grass!

Ah, but you can still buy the Kindle edition today.


Thomas Fenske is a writer living in North Carolina. Check out his web page at

3 thoughts on “New Release!

  1. Hey Thomas.

    Congrats! life and work distracted me after a good start on Lucky Strike, but I’ll be back shortly to continue. This last week I had some good momentum around a new story of my own, but it’s posted and I almost have my work life settled again.

    And those of you from the Coffee Share group – Thomas has a neat story line going that I would advise you to check out. He tells a unique tale that is carefully unfolded. He mixes in tension without darkness. You both want his protagonist to succeed and you want to slap him silly several times. It’s all good clean, well written fun. Start with his; “The Fever” and enjoy the ride.

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