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Audreypromo-smIf we were having coffee today I’d be telling you all about my big Labor Day Sale this weekend on my current backlist.

With the third novel in my Traces of Treasure series due out in a few weeks, I thought this would be a great time for the teeming masses to catch up on the first two books.  Both ebooks for The Fever and A Curse That Bites Deep are on sale through Monday 9/2 for just 99 cents on Amazon (99p on Amazon UK).


THE FEVER US Amazon Link
THE FEVER UK Amazon Link

I tried to make the new book, Lucky Strike, as much of a stand-alone as possible, but your enjoyment is certainly enhanced by the stories in the first two books.

While you’re there you can also check out the free companion cookbook.

Of course, for your convenience, you can buy the paperback versions from both sites — but they aren’t on sale.  That’s out of my control.

Don’t sell ebooks short though, they have a lot of advantages.  You can carry an entire library around with you. You can easily read in the dark. You can adjust the text size. They are less expensive. They save paper. You can buy and get them 24 hours a day. There are free reader apps for almost any device.
The biggest comment I get is that people like to hold a book.  I got over that limitation by buying a nice folio cover for my tablet … it feels like a book, it really does, and the apps have a flip page function and you don’t even have to lick your fingers.

What excuses do you have for not buying a nice ebook for a great price?


Thomas Fenske is an author living in NC.  More information on his books can be found at http://thefensk.com


8 thoughts on “WeekEndCoffeeShare SALE!

  1. Hey guys – I bought and read Thomas’ first book,The Fever and found it very much worth you’re checking out. He takes his time unfolding the story, just like we were sitting around enjoying a good long coffee share. His main character is a quirky guy and “his fever” develops both through flashbacks and in (story) real time in a way that really keeps you wondering and worrying about him right along with his friends.

    I’ll be taking advantage of the sale to pick up part 2.

    Good selling Thomas! Thanks for the sale.

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  2. I love ebooks. my computer does not. I run Linux and it has a cow with ebook formats. Also, I do not have the ability to pay things online so it kinda really knocks me out of the loop. That said, I DO wish you all the best in sales this weekend. I wish I still had my nook, if I did, I’d buy them. Your price is a real steal. 🙂 ❤ ~shalom, Bear

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      1. It’s good, because it’s dead-on true. I don’t purchase things online, prefer to support small, local businesses and individuals. My computer does indeed have fits with many things… including wordpress at times.


      2. Unfortunately Amazon is THE market for indie writers like myself.
        I was surprised there was no port to linux, if they can do a unix variant like IOS you’d think they could do linux. I checked out the workarounds, I was a seasoned unix/linux SA until retirement. Too much hassle indeed.
        Barnes & Noble can order the paperback.

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