WeekendCoffee Irony

coffeeshareIf we were having coffee today I’d be wondering about the little ironies of life.  If you’re like me you’re seeing reminisces about the forty-second anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death.  Forty-two years.  What’s the irony?  Elvis was forty-two when he died!

Note: if you are a die-hard Elvis fan you best move on to the next paragraph.  I was never one of his biggest fans during his life.  I appreciated his place in the history of American music, to be sure, and I even liked most of his movies.  But in his later years, he had become almost a caricature of himself.  It was no illusion, and later accounts of his life support that notion.  At the time, most people I knew pretty much considered him as almost a joke and we were not far off the mark. He was sheltered, pampered, catered to, all while he was pretty much sewing the seeds of his own destruction.  He still managed to put on a hell of a show though, but let’s face it, the information age would have totally destroyed him.

Actually, I’m gratified that his image was rehabilitated … it survives now, after 42 more years.  If he had lingered around with the same excesses and abuses for another ten or fifteen years, I doubt his image would have survived as long as it has.  Hopefully, he would have rehabbed but it doesn’t sound like his cadre of enablers was ever going to let that happen. I won’t say that death was a good career move for him, but, well … forty-two years later Elvis is certainly not a joke.

Life is full of these little markers.  On my forty-second birthday, I happened to go to the grocery store and noticed one of those little “buy alcohol” signs with the year of birth on it.  I realized that day that it had been twenty-one years since I turned twenty-one!  I think that was the first time the concept of old-age seemed to dawn on me as a creeping glacier of inevitability.

What sort of life-markers do you like to note?

So, kudos to you, Elvis.  You did all right, buddy.


Thomas Fenske is a writer living in NC.  The release date of his latest novel, Lucky Strike is inevitably creeping closer … look for it sometime next month!

More info on this novel and my others at http://thefensk.com

8 thoughts on “WeekendCoffee Irony

  1. Hi Thomas,
    I recently turned 50 which was a significant life marker for me, especially as I’ve had some serious health scares and could well not have been here for it. Australia loves its cricket so hitting a half century does feel like a moment worth celebrating. However, it’s also been a time of reflection. My overall conclusion has been “could be better, could be worse”. There are quite a few disappointments due to my health. However, much joy as well and I’m stoked to be married with two kids and three dogs and still have both my parents and brother alive. People are what really matter to me!
    Best wishes,

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  2. Hi Thomas,
    Regarding markers – wow – where to start?
    How about I don’t even start that list.
    I will call a big one for us, the birth of our first child which really rocked our world – as happens to most new parents I think, but ours was preceded by a spectacular career change which helped us buy our first house and bought our baby furniture. That kiddo is 27 now and those two people who made him seem like distant memories. So much LIFE has happened since. Would I even recognize them now?

    Thanks for asking the question. I’ll be rerunning memories for the rest of the day now.

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  3. My marker is when my pre school and primary students walk into my classroom with their own kids. LAtely, after 40 years of teaching, its been happening more frequently.

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  4. I get it, really, I do. I’m turning the big 50 next month, and all the stuff that happened in 1969 that changed the world has been streaming through my mind. I was told that the day man landed on the moon was the first time my Mom felt me move. She said I kicked real hard, too. Not that I believe her as I found out a few years ago that we’re not genetically family. Still, it was a pretty cool story. We saw one of those drink-age signs at the store and laughed because they didn’t card me for the alcohol I had in my cart… but did card me for the Disney dvd that was rated pg-14… Doesn’t make sense, but then, that’s Walmart for you. It was a lovely little chat… have a great week! Oh, and happy belated/Early birthday!

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    1. Hi Bear,
      1969 was a special year. I was meant to be born on the 20th July, the day man landed on the moon. I bet most women with a due date anytime in JUly were given that as a due date. The irony for us was that man could walk on the moon but my Dad wasn’t allowed to be present at my birth and mum wasn’t allowed to breastfeed in front of him because it might offend the nuns. They were interesting times. Happy 50th to be!
      Best wishes,

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