WeekendCoffee Bucket List

coffeeshareIf we were having coffee today I’d be excited to tell you my news.  I got a job!

“A job?” you might ask between sips.  “I thought you were retired? You back in IT somewhere?”

No, I am realizing a lifelong dream.  As a fledgling little-leaguer, (mumble) years ago, I aspired to one day move up into professional baseball.  I am happy to report that although I have been on waivers for several more decades than I’d like to admit, a local minor league team has picked me up for the remainder of the 2019 season.

“You’re playing baseball?”

img_0752No, my dears, I am an usher for the Class-A Appalacian League Burlington Royals. Actually, before the season started, I had looked at their web page to see if they were hiring.  I never saw a notice so I figured that was it.  In past seasons it had been hard for me to go to games because my job often kept me late, but now that I’m retired I had managed to work in a few games this season.  I ran into an usher out on the concourse at the last game I attended as a civilian and asked him how they got those jobs.  He brightened right up … “We just found out today we’re losing somebody next week!”
FATE! I’ve learned to never ignore fate.

A couple of emails, and an application later… and I was in!  My darling bride likens it to me running away to join the circus.

Now, I’ve only worked one game, and I still have a lot to learn, but I had a blast.  For one thing, l need to get to know the long-time season ticket holders, who by and large prefer to be recognized and not asked for their tickets.  Then there are handfuls of scouts who show up.  Same deal.  It’s not a long season, either; come the end of August I’ll be back to retirement.

It’s exciting to be part of the organization. I get to meet people, show some minor authority, and I get to watch professional baseball.  And I get paid for it!  Minimum wage, sure, but for me, it’s just pizza money.  Hopefully, now that I’m part of the family, I’ll get to come back next season!

So that long-ignored bucket-list item can be checked off at last.  I’ve got my job in professional baseball.

Have you ever checked off one of your long-term bucket-list items, even in a roundabout way?

Thomas Fenske is a writer living in NC.  Find out more at http://thefensk.com

14 thoughts on “WeekendCoffee Bucket List

  1. This sounds like a great job. We have a local baseball team where one can enjoy a game and fireworks (even when the teams loses) for a reasonable fare. Have fun.

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  2. I’m sure as a kid you might have had slightly different dreams about a career in professional baseball, but still, pretty cool. A little different, but my parents have been ushering for the Cleveland Orchestra for over 20 years. They used to be season ticket holders, now, well, I think they are volunteers, but they do get free tickets to concerts when they aren’t ushering.

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  3. First, CONGRATULATIONS! It’s always great to realize a long-held dream. I retired about 15 yrs ago, now, when we moved to Kentucky. Try as I might, I just was unable to find work. After 10 years of filling out apps everyday, and getting little to no response, Hubby gracious told me to stop trying. The stress relief has been great. Then, I saw in our church bulletin that the MOPS group was needing volunteers for childcare one day a week. Perfect, I thought, so I went through the hoops of background checks and safe sanctuary training. Now, I’m happily ensconced in the land of little people. I LOVE it! I find myself planning all week for those few hours…snacks, games, an occasional movie when it rains. Nothing like it.

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