WeekEnd Coffee Snow

img_6284If we were having coffee today, well, we’d probably be doing it by phone or Skype or something … it’s snowing hard out there.  It’s pretty and it’s nice and it’s a pain.
I grew up in Houston, Texas and I think I saw snow maybe twice in the first twenty years of my life.  In looking at Houston history blogs it’s funny when they talk about snow … they’ll talk about this snow and that snow … basically a counting on the hands sort of thing.  And although I haven’t lived in Houston since 1978 I know most of the earlier events they are talking about!

I’ve lived in North Carolina for almost thirty years.  We don’t get a lot of snow here either, but we can expect at least one event a year.  Some years more, some years less.  We sometimes go two years with any.  We also get significant ice storms every few years.  I hate ice storms.   You can expect days without power and I don’t care where you’re from, nobody is used to driving on ice.  Don’t do it.

Now, don’t get all Yankee on me about driving in snow.  It can be done, but you have to understand the fact that here, there just isn’t much snow removal capacity.  Oh, they brine the roads beforehand … that always seems to me to be more like priming the pump.  And sure, there is some snowplow activity, but the plowing appears to be more like they are using a Zamboni to prepare the ice rink. It amounts to scraping, scraping down to the point where they compact whatever ice is left onto the surface.  We end up with a sheet of ice.  If we are lucky and it gets sunny at some point, usually in the spring, the road clears pretty quickly.  No word yet on when the sun will be restarted.

So, no matter what part of Maine or Minnesota or Chicago you are from, you’d probably be one of the people I really fear on the roads out here … zipping along with too much confidence and likely to slide and run into me.

Several times in my life I’ve had to drive long distances in snow and ice.  Once, I was on a business trip, driving from central Virginia to Atlanta.  I neglected to check the weather for my entire route.  It was fine when I left.  In NC I hit some flurries.  As I went south, it got worse and worse.  I just stayed in the wagon ruts and kept going hoping some overconfident Yankee didn’t run into me.  Oh, I’m just joshing … it is the SUV drivers you have to worry about, really.  I lost count of the number of SUVs I saw flipped, run into walls, or stranded dozens of yards out into fields by the side of the interstate.  It was quite a trip.  The entire state of South Carolina at twenty-five miles an hour … the only way to go.

There is a section in my novel THE FEVER where the hero gets stuck on the highway in such a situation … it was a compilation of some of those trips.  One fan told me that was her favorite part but that she had to stop reading at some point and go put a sweater on.

So let’s sip our coffee and chat quietly and pray that the power doesn’t go out.


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9 thoughts on “WeekEnd Coffee Snow

  1. We are expecting another snow/ice event Thursday night and through next weekend and I am dreading it. We also have the overconfident drivers that just refuse to slow down. It makes for some dicey commutes.


  2. I don’t care where you live the first snow fall of the year there a lot of idots out there. After that time more people slow down. We are bracing for another snow storm. Now itvis supposed to start tgis afternoon. Mix rain and snoe to start the ice storm before the snowvis gone. Drive safe everyine. Have a pleasurable week.

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  3. I live in Houston now. All it takes for us to do coffee by Skype is a little cold weather. We’ve got that today. At least the sun is shining, so I maybe i will prime myself up to face the frigid air. At any rate it will be warm again by mid-week. Winter comes here in spurts to break up our spring. Stay warm.

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  4. Portland, Oregon, is bracing for an ice and snow combo tonight so I’m bracing for long lines at the grocery store this morning. We like to pre-storm up here with coffee, liquor, and cheese. I think it’s in the state by-laws.

    My truck, however, has never, nor will it ever be, in a ditch. I learned to drive in Iowa snow (literally, my first lesson was in a snowstorm) and I perfected my four-wheel driving skills in the Colorado Rockies. The first and last rule of anything other than dry asphalt is: Slow Down.

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