WeekendCoffeeShare…How are YOU?

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.comIf we were having coffee today, since I don’t have much to talk about I think I’d just listen.
Well, I do, but these little sessions all seem to be just about me so for once I would just shut the heck up and let you take the lead.
I’d want to hear about your woes and your joys and your concerns and your observations. I’d laugh at your jokes, and express sympathy for your sorrows.
No matter what craziness you seemed to have going on in your life, I’d nod and commiserate.  I’d do my best to bite my tongue and not tell you how much worse my situation(s) have been.
We would hug or shake hands and part and you might feel just a bit better about getting it all off your chest for a change.
I’d still be carrying my burdens, but they’ll keep for another week, don’t you think?
Thomas Fenske is a writer living in North Carolina.
His latest novel, A Curse That Bites Deep, will be published  October 1 … and the eBooks are currently available for a 25% pre-release disccount … Links and other information are available at  www.thefensk.com

5 thoughts on “WeekendCoffeeShare…How are YOU?

  1. Lots of ordinary things going on with me. Mostly, I am spending a lot of time with the grandsons while my daughter gets some rest as she’s having a difficult first trimester of pregnancy number three. Luckily, we’re just about done with the first three months so I’m crossing my fingers that things will let up a bit so I can have some “me time.”

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  2. Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for the coffee. If only I could translate thoughts into physical exertion, I’d be very fit.
    Last night, I watched the Paralympics and felt so uplifted by their determined spirits. We heard the athletes stories and in many instances, they took up sport after a horrific injury and it provided a way of moving beyond their justifiable grief and then it’s taken them forward into competition and elite sports. I have been finding a really strong spirit of good will. As much as I enjoyed the Olympics, I was struck by the number of athletes who burst into tears when they lost and while that could be a physical release from pushing themselves well over the edge, I couldn’t help thinking that they needed to look beyond gold medals. That the world is so much bigger. That said, they probably need all that pumping up to go for it.
    I have pushed myself with my writing even when I’ve been really sick because I want to get it finished and have had that burning ambition but have lost much of that desperation. Am I more content? Complacent? I don’t know. I have put much of my efforts into the blog, with a view of using the posts to write the book. Writing all of this to you, makes me feel like kicking myself in the backside and getting back to it.
    How’s that for a Sunday morning chat?
    Thanks for the opportunity to vent, clarify my thoughts and get on with it
    xx Rowena

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    1. We all live with different motivations and strengths and complex strategies. The Paralympics are a great source of inspiration. Tying it all together, I think of blogging as a sort of writing cross-training. Go for it. Vent away, I was both entertained and inspired myself.

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      1. Interesting you’d mention the blogging as writing cross-training because I play the violin and see that as creative cross-training and I tell people my thing is writing about playing the violin and that sounds like self-depreciation but it’s true. Besides, I’ve been writing pretty steadily since I was 12 and playing the violin for the last 4 years. The photography is also another cross-training thing.

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