Violating My Own Rule

If we were having coffee today I’d apologize for violating my own rule.

You can see it right on my blog … where I mention that I’ll talk about a lot of things, but not shoes.

But today, I’m sorry, I gotta talk about the shoes!

Our daughter is getting married in a couple of months and my lovely wife  is beside herself with preparations. The happy couple are both dancers and the bride expressed some interest in somehow incorporating her immense back stock of old, dirty, used, pointe shoes as part of the table decoration.

If you didn’t know, ballet dancers save these shoes the way sports stars save memorabilia from their playing days.  Pointe shoes are expensive and dancers grind these things into the floor, day after day, supporting their entire weight on one set of toes then the other, until … finally,  the shoes, as they say, are dead, and they get tossed on the pile with the soiled, frayed, and spent remnants of their sister shoes.

I have often been proud of my wife’s skill at crafts but I must say she has outdone herself this time … enacting a most remarkable transformation on these pointe shoes.  I was absolutely  gobsmacked when I saw the first one and they keep getting better and better.  They will ultimately be  displayed upright in a vase as part of the centerpiece for each table at the reception.
I guess you would say in taxidermic terms … in a more natural state

What do you think?

Thomas Fenske is the author of The Fever and the upcoming release of A Curse That Bites Deep.
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Or even better, buy it and the other book when it comes out. He has a wedding to pay for…

7 thoughts on “Violating My Own Rule

  1. Your wife has done a wonderful job with the shoes and I hope that you will violate your rule again by posting a photo of the vases filled with them on the tables. A great idea. Hope you manage to stay unstressed by all the wedding plans. It can be a really stressful time.


  2. What a beautiful idea! I didn’t know, actually, that ballet dancers keep their worn out shoes—this is such a great idea for using them!! Hope all goes well with the wedding; looks like preparations are moving along!


  3. Thomas, I really love it and full marks to your wife for her fantastic interpretation of the creative brief! So, exciting that two dancers and have met, fallen in love and will be dancing off into the sunset together. My daughter is a dancer and next year, she’ll be getting her first pair of pointe shoes. I have fallen in love with the whole dance and musical theatre thing.
    Today, we saw our kids perform in the Gang Show, a variety show put on my scouts and guides. You would know that enormous sense of pride, although your daughter is a long way down the track. I still remember my daughter’s first appearance at the end of year dance concert when she was four and she just had to look cute, point her toes and turn around. Our son learn hip hop a few years ago and was lucky to have a former Billy Elliot from Broadway as his teacher. He wasn’t just a great teacher but a great role model as a person as well.
    As for myself, I dance on the inside. Anything else, could well be dangerous. I have a few mobility issues.
    I am hoping for a better week ahead for peace on our planet. Our news broadcasts are full of positivity saying “no one anywhere is safe” but aside from the odd Pokomon character appearing in my loungeroom, home feels safe. I hope I’m right.
    xx Rowena


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