Katzenjammer Kats

 Thomas Fenske is a writer living in North Carolina.  His debut novel, The Fever,  is NOT about cats, but it IS currently being offered for free in ebook form.  Check his web page for details:  http://www.thefensk.com

10 thoughts on “Katzenjammer Kats

  1. I absolutely love cats. I think they are fascinating and the purr of a cat is one of my favorite sounds. It’s right up there with the laughter of a child. Thanks for all the tidbits.


  2. I reblog it on my site as it is the best information on cats I have read. Kato, our Bengal cat has nose everybut as good as any of our German Shorthairs. They can air scent a mile away. We live in senior retirement apartment and I am sure he knows the scent of everyone in the complex. He recognizes our car and caregiver. He woke me up when I had apparently stopped breeding. He is as good as any dog. We just don’t train cats as we do dogs.

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  3. Thanks so much for putting this together. I’ll have to share it with my daughter who loves cats but my husband is allergic so she has to make the most of my brother’s cat. I am more of a dog person but I love character and personality and you really brought that out in your post.
    xx Rowena


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