Let Me Explain

I guess I’m still learning this blogging stuff but one thing I have managed to figure out is that it needs a catchy title.  My original title, “Thomas Fenske, Author,” although descriptive, ironically lacked originality.  Then one day I thought about my first web page, cobbled together by hand back in 1993. “Okay, You’re Here, Now What?” was the banner that splashed across the page and it reflected my awe at arriving on the web scene … Basically all dressed up and no place to go (well, except everywhere).
Back in the very early days of the wild wide world of webs it seemed oddly appropriate, but after I changed it to that name here, well, it was too long. And it didn’t make as much sense now. Note to self, your own private jokes often don’t play well to a crowd. Twenty five year old jokes even less.

Still, I needed something in that spot so I tried just shortening  it to “Okay, You’re Here” and that made even less sense.  Sigh.

So I revisited the problem and  came up with “A Smidgeon’s Toll.” Yeah, it still doesn’t make a lot of sense but at least it is hopefully intriguing. And it has some bearing on my published and soon-to-be published writings.  You see, Smidgeon Toll is a major character in both books and should have an even bigger role in a planned third edition of the growing series.  She’s the short, spunky, outspoken owner of a cafe that has a prominent place in both books. Her name came from her grandmother who blurted out, “Why, she’s just a smidgen of a thing” the first time she saw her as a tiny baby.  Smidgeon is just an archaic (quaint, right?) spelling of the same word.

So, we’ll see how this one goes … unless I change my mind again.
What do you think?  Do I need to change the title again?

Two reminders: You can get more information on my novel The Fever at http://www.thefensk.com  and I am still hosting a giveaway for one Kindle copy of The Fever at Amazon: https://giveaway.amazon.com/p/de2b8b0acbf85b6f

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