Sometimes Life Imitates Art

As I was reading this story:

I was amazed at the parallels between between this real-life drama and some of the situations I wrote about in my novel The Fever.  The novel was published long before the tragedy of this man’s disappearance but his apparent fixation with his treasure parallels the trail of obsession for the Lost Sublett Mine my main character Sam follows in the book.  As I explained while detailing Sam’s fictional quest, such an endeavor is extremely dangerous.   In Sam’s case, no one knew exactly where he was headed.  He almost died within the novel’s pages and I made it very plain, it would have been quite a while before anybody found him.  If ever.

My heart goes out to this family.  Even though I concocted and imagined a similar scenario, I can not help but feel sorry for their plight … I know how helpless they feel.  Here’s hoping that he turns up soon, hopefully alive and well.

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