the REAL braveheart

This is Alj … currently in the hospital in North Carolina waiting for a heart transplant.  He is thirteen years old and has been suffering from a form of congenital heart disease his entire life.

Some time before Christmas his mother was standing in line behind my wife at a store … the woman’s trips away from the hospital have been rare of late, and this was one of those few trips.  She mentioned his facebook page and we’ve been following him ever since.

I thought I’d take a break from hawking my novel and telling silly stories to tell you about him.  Please help get his story out.  I’ve learned a few things from Alj … he is a fighter, he’s upbeat, he has never given up hope.  Whatever your life throws at you, just reading about his life puts the minor trials and tribulations of most of our lives into a new perspective.

Go read about him and keep up with his story.  He is an inspiration, and so is his mother, who rarely leaves his side.  He’s hit a particularly rough patch this week and no matter your inclinations, please share your prayers, thoughts, vibes, karma, whatever you have … put it out there for him.
You can read more about him here:

3 thoughts on “the REAL braveheart

  1. Wow, this hit my emotions very hard! I hope he gets through everything! Kids like him are extraordinary for being able to fight so hard! I feel terrible for him and his mother and I will out them in my prayers! Thank you so much for sharing this.


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