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IMG_4814I’m happy to be a part of  this holiday blog hop … so let’s get to it!
Christmas plays a special role in various scenes of my novel, The Fever,  and because of that, I am pleased to offer a special Christmas giveaway.  Details are at the end of this post.
The Fever is the story of Sam Milton and his obsessive search for a lost gold mine in the desert southwest.  He has no map, only the words of a dying alcoholic, who wheezed out a cryptic riddle on the floor of a jail cell.
Yes, Sam has The Fever, gold fever, and he spends years searching, even trespassing, until, finally, he thinks he may have solved the first part of the riddle.  Join Sam as he makes a desperate attempt to solve the riddle and find the elusive gold.
Catch The Fever!
Oh, yeah, the giveaway.  I am giving away one paperback copy of The Fever as my Christmas present to one lucky person.  Simply leave a comment below in the blog.   Facebook readers should click the post to go to the wordpress version of the blog.  Only the wordpress comments will be considered.  Leave only one comment.  Selection will be by random number at noon Wednesday the 9th and the winner will be posted at that time — check back to see if you won.  Thank you for your interest.
One more thing … visit the other members of this holiday blog hop for more chances to win.
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6 thoughts on “Blog Hop! Home for the Holidaze

  1. I write historical westerns, a few of which deal with the gold mining towns and regions of California. Gold fever is probably as old as the metal has been considered precious. It would be interesting to read how the pursuit of gold works on a man in today’s world compared to those who lived 150 years or more ago. Probably not too much different….

    Robyn Echols writing as Zina Abbott

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