Trying out a new blog to help publicize myself as a writer as well as talk about my debut novel, THE FEVER.

What The Fever is not:  a health bulletin or a medical treatise; a ‘how to” book on gold mining.

What it is:  a novel; a story about trying to find gold; a study in obsession; an entertaining read.

Audience:  everybody. Actually, I ve been surprised that women seem to like it so much.  Don’t get me wrong, men like it too.  It does have a little ‘language’ in it so it isn’t a kid’s book.

What’s it about?   Sam Milton has a chance meeting with a dying man who he tries to help. The man rewards Sam’s compassion by sharing a secret, hidden in a cryptic riddle.

The secret?  The suposed location of a long-lost gold mine, of course.

Ah, but in fact,  the true location had forever eluded the old man, who had never cracked the riddle.  But he told Sam he knew it was out there, he could feel it.

“Find it and it’s yours,” he rasped with his last dying breath.

The novel begins with a frustrated Sam showing no success but unable to quit. Why?  He has ‘the fever’ … gold fever.  But, maybe, just maybe, things are beginning to take a hopeful turn.

More Info?

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